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Finance and accounting education programs provide the key to succeeding in any business career, almost regardless of industry or region. Accounting majors and professional accountants are among the highest paid employees in most firms, with many CEOs and CFOs coming from finance and accounting backgrounds. The average wage of an accounting graduate is around 15-20 percent higher than that of other business professionals outside of management, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

At Accounting Programs, you can find out what accounting schools and accounting education programs have to offer you. Explore careers in the field of accounting and finance, and find top accounting programs in your area. Search by state or by zip to see what schools are enrolling now, or see some of our recommended accounting schools.

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Accounting professionals often hold the power in corporate settings, where business decisions frequently come down to finance. Because of this, the big-picture approach of finance leads many accountants into chair positions. Here you can explore the career side of accounting and finance, and decide which career direction is the right one for you.

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Curious about whether or not accounting and finance is the right career direction for you? Glance through our bank of articles to find out more about this complex and challenging professional field. In this section: Learn about some of the intricacies of accounting and finance careers and education to discover whether this is the field for you.

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The right accounting program can set you up to excel in business. With accounting programs teaching concepts like corporate finance, business economics and financial law, accounting graduates are prepared to succeed. Online and campus-based colleges are enrolling now, so explore your accounting education options to start building your career today.

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